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Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds
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IQbuds by Nuheara
Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds
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Personal All In One Audio Amplifier
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QuietOn Dental
Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs for Dental Offices
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QuietOn Sleep
Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleep
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Welcome to Hearable World where we specialize in offering the latest in hearables including truly wireless earbuds and noise cancelling electronic earplugs and personal listening devices.  Our earbuds, electronic earplugs and tv listening devices offer some of the most advanced features.  For example Quiet On’s noise cancelling earplugs can block out ear hurting noises but still allow speech to be heard, allowing for effective communication in the loudest of environments.  Or Nuheara’s IQbuds that allow you to listen to music while blending outdoor noise, allowing you to hear the traffic and environment around you to stay safe.  Or Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost which can determine the way you hear and adjust the sound to best fit your hearing.

We are Canadian based and offer our industry leading hearable products at one great flat shipping rate across our great nation including the electronic earplugs, IQbuds and Boost and TV listening devices.  Shop in Canadian dollars and no worry of there being any duty.

Shop our hearables and if you have any questions about any of our products feel free to contact us.

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Asssistive Listening Devices – What Are they? When Do You Need Them?

Assistive listening devices can go by many names including personal listening device, assistive listening systems or personal amplifiers but they are all essentially the same type of device.  They help to amplify the speech or the sound you want over all other noise.  So they aren’t quiet a hearing aid but have some of the...

Dentists wearing earplugs
Best Earplugs for Dentists

The ADHA has concluded a study that shows that dental hygienists (and dentists) suffer from hearing impairment due to the continual exposure to loud dental instruments. “maintained.7-12 Evidence suggests that hearing impairment remains a problem among dental professionals.13-19 A pilot study of 40 dental hygienists from the U.S. (Virginia) with high exposure to noise from...

iq buds boost
IQbuds Boost Demo Video

Here is a great video that demos the IQbuds Boost and displays a lot of how the app works and also how it tests your hearing and adjusts your earbuds specifically for you!

Sleep Noise and Need for Earplugs
Invest in the Best Sleeping Earplugs

Sleep deprivation is prevalent among Canadians according to Stats Canada’s recent report Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality are prevalent among Canadian adults. About one-third sleep fewer hours per night than recommended for optimal physical and mental health. This group also experiences poor sleep quality more frequently than do those who sleep the recommended...

The Best Earplugs for Construction

Construction sites, depending on the site can be very noisy.  According to the Laborer’ Health and Safety Fund of North America; “As a general rule, workers should be using earplugs whenever they are exposed to noise levels of 85 dB (A) or when they have to shout in order to communicate.” Which, from their chart...

iq buds boost
IQ Boost Earbuds Vs IQbuds – What’s Different

Nuheara’s IQBuds burst onto the hearable world stage two years ago and immediately had the gadget and tech blogs buzzing about how great they were.  Now Nuheara has announced the release of Boost, their newer version of IQbuds.  Now available in Canada, the Boost is about $250 more than the IQbuds, a mid point between...

Trouble Sleeping Noise - Earplugs
Get Better Sleep with QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs – The Snoring Killer

It’s a bold claim to say they will save marriages with their active noise cancelling sleep earplugs by eliminating loss of sleep from snoring.  But QuietOn’s Sleep earplugs aren’t just going to save marriages, but they can help many other people get a better night’s rest and ultimately improve their quality of life and health....

Nuheara Truly Wireless Earbuds in a Bar
The Newest ‘Truly Wireless Earbuds’ for 2018

Apple has created a whole new market channel with the removal of the earphone jack from their latest iPhones.  This has not only created the push to Bluetooth earphones but to what’s now being called ‘truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds’ with the launch of Air.  Up till now most Bluetooth headphones and earbuds still had some...

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