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Welcome to Hearable World where we specialize in offering the latest in hearables including truly wireless earbuds, noise cancelling electronic earplugs, customizable headphones and headsets and personal listening devices. We sell hearable products to Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand as well we sell in Canada through Best Buy and Amazon. We are Canadian based and offer our industry-leading hearable products at one great flat shipping rate across our great nation including the electronic earplugs, IQbuds Boost and TV listening devices.  Shop in Canadian dollars with no worry of there being any duty.

Our earbuds, electronic earplugs, customizable headphones and tv listening devices offer some of the most advanced features available in the listening market.  For example, Quiet On’s noise cancelling earplugs can block out ear hurting noises but still allow speech to be heard, allowing for effective communication in the loudest of environments.  Or Nuheara’s IQbuds which allow you to listen to music while blending outdoor noise, allowing you to hear the traffic and environment around you to stay safe.  Or Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost which can determine the way you hear and adjust the sound to best fit your hearing.

Shop our hearables and if you have any questions about any of our products feel free to contact us.

What Are Hearables?

Wearables became a buzz word about 10 years ago and since then wearables have now evolved to hearables.  The difference is the advancement in technology.  These are no longer just earphones to listen to music with.  They offer advanced features like noise cancelling technology, sound amplification (like a less expensive hearing aid), sound customization based on your hearing abilities, the ability to blend outside sound and much more.

Hearables have evolved to true wireless Bluetooth earbuds and headsets that allow for hands-free connection to Google Assistant or Siri and allow you to integrate outside sound, amplify speech during a conversation and take and make calls like what you are wearing is an extension of your body. They will soon become an indispensable extension of your smartphone and we all know we can’t live without our phone!

We offer some of the best hearables on the market and are always expanding our product line for Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand!  Check back often to see the latest and greatest in hearables.

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