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Auditory Processing Disorder & Sensory Processing Disorder Solutions with NuHeara IQbuds

Auditory Processing Disorder & Sensory Processing Disorder Solutions with NuHeara IQbuds

Posted by HearableWorld | October 3, 2019 | Intelligent Earbuds, NuHeara

Those suffering from auditory processing disorders, sound sensitivy  or processing disorders and even those with Autism that can be overwhelmed with background noises and loud spaces and the most common way to mute the outside world has been to invest in some good earplugs or perhaps QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs . The only problem with this solution is that it blocks out all noise.  So children in a classroom, adults in a work place or if used at events, concerts, sporting events, it blocks out everything and hurts the ability to be social with the people around them.   The solution is Nuhear’s IQbuds Boost.

Why Nuheara IQbuds Boost Is The Solution For Sound Sensitivities

IQbuds offer the unique solution of blocking background noise with it’s advanced noise cancelling technology and the ability to blend the amount of background noise you want.  Children with sensitivy to sound have seen improved focus in class and greater socialization as they can hear their friends in a crowded playground or noisy classroom.  Adults benefit from the ability to focus on work and are more productive while not missing out on the social aspect of interacting with other employees or hearing important announcements or particicpating in meetings or group events.


Watch a News Story from Channel 7 News in Perth, Australia discussing how a child has benefitted from IQbuds with his sensitivity to sound.

IQbuds Boost also have a number of additional features such as listening to music while blending in outside noise if music helps the wearer.  They can assess their hearing through a built in hearing test in the smartphone app which can then adjust sound and speach to improve any hearing loss the wearer my have, along with the ability dull background noise with the real world blending and active noise cancelling features.

So whether someone suffers from Autism or Aspergers with sound sensitivities, or someone suffers from an auditory processing disorder or hypersensitivity disorder, or really anyone who could use a little quite to focus Nuheara IQbuds are a much better solution than earplugs and offer some amazing and advanced technological features that can greatly benefit their quality of life.

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