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BeHear Information Page

Congratulations on your purchase of your Alongo BeHear Headset and/or Transceiver.  Here you will find all in one location the videos and information you need to get started and use your new headset.


be hear now user manual

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Getting Started with BeHear Headset

Unboxing BeHear Headset

How to Wear the BeHear Headset

How To Use the BeHear App

Running The Hearing Assessment

Running The Hearing Assessment

Customizing In Real Time

Connecting Via Bluetooth

Charging Your BeHear Headset

Changing Earbuds & Hooks

How To Take a Phone Call

How to Slow Down Speach

Unboxing the Transmitter

How To Use The Transmitter

User Manuals & Brochures

Click on any button below to open a BeHear Now manual or brochure.

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