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Quite Possibly the Best Sleeping Earplugs

Blocks Snoring – Saves Marriages

QuiteOn earplugs work by utilizing their revolutionary active noise canceling technology that can block noise around you from a snoring partner, snoring pet, environmental noise, noisy neighbours and more. This technology uses a microphone to hear the noise around you and then filter it out via speaker to your ear.  This is why they are far superior to any other earplug.

They marketed them as Marriage Savers!  Where foam earplugs and other sleep branded earplugs have failed to block snoring and other loud noises QuietOn sleep earplugs will work at blocking it all out!.  City dwellers can attest to the horns, sirens, trains, planes and other noises that they are constantly bombarded with during the night, through standard condo and apartment windows that can impede sleep.  Or perhaps you are one of the millions of shift workers who work at night and sleep during the day which then you may not need to deal with a snoring partner but the noise of kids playing outside, dogs barking, trucks and general family noise.

QuietOn Digital Sleep Earplugs


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According to QuietOn their Sleep Earplugs offer:

QuietOn Sleep – World’s most powerful snoring killer with 5 clever functions that bring you a good night’s sleep:

  • Active Noise Cancelling optimized to cancel snoring
  • 20 hours of battery life per charge
  • Superior comfort with soft earpads, fully in-ear design and super lightweight
  • Safe & friendly material
  • Sleeping and hearing modes, Switch between the modes by tapping


You no longer need to elbow your partner all night long or to sleep in seperate rooms or have him or her sleep on the couch!  This innovative product can allow you to sleep in the same room and no longer hear the snoring and allow you to both have a good night’s sleep!


Enjoy a quiet trip anywhere, whether a commute to work or half way around the world by plane.  They are perfect for blocking out all the noise around you and also allowing you to sleep while you travel.  An easy one touch button allows you to turn on sound for the times you do need to speak to someone without having to take them in and out!


Whether it’s noisy neighbours, living in a downtown condo, living near a train or airport you can sleep well.  Quiet On Sleep earplugs blocks all those noises so you can get a great nights sleep.

QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

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