CMS (Hearable World) & QuietON partner to bring the World’s first active noise cancelling earplugs to Canada - Hearable World

CMS (Hearable World) & QuietON partner to bring the World’s first active noise cancelling earplugs to Canada

Posted by HearableWorld | May 3, 2018 | News

QuietOn helps to rest, focus and improve work ergonomics

We live in a noisy world. The global phenomenon of ever increasing environmental noise affects everyday lives and is one of the factors affecting general wellbeing. Noise has been diagnosed as a major cause of hearing loss, insomnia, increased stress levels and other health related problems. To tackle the universal noise pollution, two Finnish engineers developed revolutionary QuietOn earplugs. We partnered with QuietON to bring this world class product to Canada” says Sharad Ojha, the CEO of Clinic Management Services

“The QuietOn project started from the need of saving the air passengers from the weariness of continuous airplane cabin noise. Now the number of QuietOn’s user groups is growing daily as more people are adopting the earplugs,” says Global Sales Director Olli Remes from QuietOn Ltd.

QuietOn has proved beneficial for many types of users, especially those working in noisy conditions. The earplugs have brought great relief for manufacturing employees by cancelling low frequency noises generated by the machinery in factory conditions. Airline pilots and cabin crews enjoy wearing QuietOn’s as they’re able to reduce the cabin noise while still being enabling speaking to passengers and colleagues.

According to stats Canada, around 3 Million Canadians work in high noise industries like manufacturing and construction and noise level in certain work environments are often louder than 85dB. Working a full day in that kind of noise could potentially lead to permanent hearing loss. Riding a motorcycle without hearing protection or working with a power saw for about 4 hours, where noise level exceeds 105dB could also cause permanent hearing loss. We often are not aware of dangers of noise. It is imperative to use noise protection when we are in high noise situations, stated Sharad Ojha

Raising the bar in work ergonomics

QuietOn is being utilized in various work environments, such as open plan offices to ease one’s focus on a task on-hand and in factories to relieve workers from the machinery noise.

“Our active noise cancelling earplugs have proved to be revolutionary tool for raising the bar in work ergonomics. For the first time, annoying low frequency noises can be cancelled with a device of this small size and high accessibility. For example, dental clinics have adopted the product for its ability to save dentists from inevitable hearing loss,” Olli Remes says.

QuietOn earplugs utilize active noise cancellation technology as well as passive acoustic attenuation. The earplugs’ microphones capture external sound and use speakers to produce phase-shifted sound that cancels out the original sound.

“The greatest benefit of active noise cancellation technology is that it reduces the low frequency sounds that ordinary earplugs are not able to address. Our product fits to larger and smaller ears perfectly. We have designed a small, practical carry-in case that also serves as a charger. You don’t need to worry about charging all too often either as the earplugs run for 50 hours with one charge,” Remes emphasizes.

Bringing relief from noise wherever you go

– With normal noise cancelling headphones the problem is that they are too big and clumsy for many purposes, such as having a comfortable rest in airplane or on your bed or bringing them with to your everyday activities. On the other hand, normal headphones don’t fulfill the hygiene requirements of manufacturing or dental clinics. QuietON is easy to use, small enough to carry with you in your pocket, fits perfectly into your ears and has no wires. QuietOn has recently been launched for in-flight sales by Finnair and is known for being a huge success story due to its crowdfunding campaign, says Olli Remes.



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