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P300 All-In-One Personal Audio Enhancer & TV Listening Device by Vitasound

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The VitaSound All-In-One is the ultimate Hearing Helper. This multi-mode Personal Audio Enhancer is powered by patented NC AudioTM technology and provides full digital-stereo sound in all 4 modes: Watch (TV), TALK (face-to-face), Listen (cell phone), Relax (tinnitus).



The VitaSound All-In-One is the ultimate Hearing Helper. Watch TV without having to crank up the volume. Talk with others and easily decipher every word in both normal and difficult situations. Listen to MP3 music or have a phone conversation with reduced background noise and clear sound via wireless Bluetooth® connection. Relax to high definition nature sounds perfect for sound therapy, sleep and helping mask the effects of tinnitus. Powered by the patented NC Audio® technology, the VitaSound All-in-One delivers crisp and natural sounds, clear voices, reduces background noise, and amplifies the important things to hear well.

  • Multi-mode Personal Audio Enhancer with patented NC Audio® technology and full digital-stereo sound
  • 4 Modes: Watch (TV), TALK (face-to-face), Listen (cell phone), Relax (tinnitus)
  • 33 ft listening range with NO line-of-sight requirements and Digital 2.4GHz RF connection
  • Bluetooth® enabled, wirelessly connects to MP3 players and cell phones
  • Up to 40dB amplification, Neuro EQ settings for adjusting dB gain and amplification levels
  • Connect to hearing aids with an inductive loop
  • Rechargeable, lithium-ion battery, up to 14 hours of continuous use

Omni-directional microphone built into earphones; High-end earbuds with omni-directional microphone included. Also compatible with Bose, Dr. Dre, Apple, Atrio and most any wired earbud or headphone. In-line mic required for Talk and Listen modes. Handset can be worn around neck or placed discreetly in a purse or pocket.

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