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QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

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  • Noise cancelling performance up to 40dB with low frequencies
  • Easy to use with no wires to detangle, settings to adjust, or buttons to press
  • With 50 hours of use on a single charge, QuietOn has the longest battery life of any wireless noise cancelling device.
  • These innovative earplugs are ideal for everyone, from frequent travelers who want to drown out the din of the airplane cabin or motorcycle engine
  • Comes with a pair of QuietOn, three pairs of eartips – two pairs of silicone eartips and one pair of Comply Foam eartips and a charging case



QuietOn with Active Noise Cancelling technology makes a big difference at low frequencies, such as the hum of airplane engines, construction sites or normal background noise. Its attenuation ability in this area is up to 40dB. For instance, airplane cabin noise sounds like a faint hum with QuietOn earplugs. The earplugs significantly reduce stress level caused by constantly noisy environments. In mid and high frequencies, QuietOn’s noise cancelling is as good as foam earplugs’.




Active noise cancelling uses a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound.

In QuietOn, the microphone that samples the sound is located right inside the ear canal! This means that QuietOn can more accurately produce anti-noise that results in good noise cancellation at the eardrum. By locating the microphone in the air volume of the ear canal, QuietOn is also able to reduce noise that is conducted by the skull into the ear.




 QuietOn can provide optimal noise reduction across the whole audible spectrum, especially effective at these low frequencies.


QuietOn earplugs are perfect for just about anyone but there are certain professions and users who can benefit from QuietOn’s active noise cancelling technology the most.  The first and most obvious people would be those working in loud environments such as manufacturing, industrial,  construction and more.  The use of ear muffs or foam plugins can still leave users exposed to damaging levels of noise over time.   They are also perfect for those working in an open work environment or an office that needs quiet to focus over all the discussions, phone calls and other typical office noise.
Travellers and commuters can use to block out loud airplane and train noise would be the next most beneficial group.  Not just engine noise or travelling but the noise of the passengers with you.  Imagine, not only do you block out loud engine noise of planes or the clacking of a train, but no crying babies, loud talking,  loud eating and more.  Enjoy a peaceful trip where you can relax, sleep or work in quiet.  For those living in noisy downtown environments, you can enjoy quiet to read, meditate or focus on work or hobbies instead of the noise of sirens, horns and neighbours.
The uses are endless and people who can benefit from QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs includes everyone!  Find your quiet!
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