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Get Better Sleep with QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs – The Snoring Killer

Get Better Sleep with QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs – The Snoring Killer

Posted by HearableWorld | June 2, 2018 | Electronic Ear Plugs, QuietOn
Trouble Sleeping Noise - Earplugs

It’s a bold claim to say they will save marriages with their active noise cancelling sleep earplugs by eliminating loss of sleep from snoring.  But QuietOn’s Sleep earplugs aren’t just going to save marriages, they can help many other people get a better night’s rest and ultimately improve their quality of life and health.

Not getting a good night’s rest can cause increased accidents, relationship stress, a lower quality of life and impaired memory according to the Cleveland Clinic (  Chronic sleep deprivation can also cause additional health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and increased chance of heart attacks and stroke.   With the amount of coffee, we consume in Canada it’s could be assumed many of us don’t get the best night’s sleep.

Where QuietOn’s sleep earplugs can save the day include:

A Loud Bedroom

The obvious and most obtrusive is the snoring partner that can be very loud and make sleeping difficult, but there are many other types of noise that can disrupt sleep, including pets, loud fans or if your partner watches TV in bed.

A Loud Outdoor Environment

If you live in any major city centre or downtown area you are more than likely subjected to a barrage of noises from traffic to sirens to loud neighbours, or perhaps you’re along a flight path to the airport or near a train station.   Apartments and Condos aren’t built in ways to help keep environmental noises out and that can affect your ability to sleep.

Shift Workers

Nothing is worse than working a long shift and then having to try to sleep during the day or afternoon when you must deal with children playing outside, barking dogs, delivery trucks, garbage trucks and other daily noises that make sleeping difficult.

The Traveller

Sleeping with the whine of a jet engine or clickety-clack of a train isn’t very pleasant and blasting music to try and drown it out is only worse on your ears. No matter how you are travelling, noise cancelling earplugs drown out all that background noise from engines to crying babies and get that much-needed sleep while you travel.

Hypersensitivity to Sound

There is a portion of the population that has a hypersensitivity to sound and even normal sounds that regular people would not find a problem that can disrupt their ability sleep including the smallest or quietest sound. Read More on this Subject Here 

No matter which scenario above rings true for you QuietOn’s Sleep active noise cancelling earplugs can give you your best night’s sleep… every night!  And if you need to hear normally a convenient one-touch button activates hearing mode so you don’t have to keep taking them out to engage in conversation.

QuietOn Sleep earplugs are a much anticipated product in the hearable market since they were announced by QuietOn in early 2018.  They are rumoured to be ready for shipment in March of 2019 and will be available to purchase as a single set or by a set of 2 for couples or a set of 4 for families. For those who sleep nightly with foam or silicone or even wax earplugs will be able to appreciate how much better of a noise blocker these can be in a variety of frequencies.  In addition, the variation of earplug tips allow you to customize them for best comfort.

QuietOn Earplugs

Below are the QuietOn earplugs available for sale at Hearable World.

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

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QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

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