IQ Buds End | IQ Live & IQBuds Max from Nuheara

Innovative IQBuds At End Of Life – IQ Live & IQBuds Max Unveiled

Innovative IQBuds At End Of Life – IQ Live & IQBuds Max Unveiled

Posted by HearableWorld | May 24, 2019 | Intelligent Earbuds, News, NuHeara

Goodbye IQBuds

Nuheara burst onto the scene a few years ago with the launch of their IQBuds.  A true wireless earbud when true wireless earbuds were just emerging from companies like Sony and Bose and a smart earbud before anyone knew what a smart earbud was. It was a truly innovative and groundbreaking product bring about a whole new category of electronics.   Now they have announced the end of their flagship earbud but announced two new products they will be launching soon and of course their popular IQBuds Boost will still be available.

What’s going to replace IQ Buds?  Live IQ

There isn’t much being said about Live IQ but according to Nuheara they state they will be:

LiveIQ™ is the world’s first hybrid Active Noise Cancellation hearing bud and promises to deliver a new level of sophistication, intelligence

The word is this product will be a quality product but priced lower than the IQBuds to be more of an entry-level product to their line up.  It will still be a robust product with quality noise cancelling but in a smaller earbud with better battery life.  That’s a tall order because smart earbuds and true wireless earbuds are notorious for not having great battery life.

Priced under 200 USD for retail customers, the Live IQ earbuds feature touch-sensing controls: a simple tap turns noise cancellation on and off to give the user the choice to hear ambient noise as well as the audio output from the speaker, or to listen in silence. The earbuds are also compatible with Apple’s Siri® and the Google Assistant voice control systems.

When designing the Live IQ product, Nuheara’s goal was to provide earbud wearers with an experience of noise-free, hi-fi audio reproduction comparable to that provided by bulky on-ear wired headphones, but in a tiny, wireless in-ear form factor. The new product needed to be small and light, and Nuheara also wanted to give users a long battery run-time between charges.

We think this will make a great replacement of the IQBuds being a smaller earbud, better battery life and better noise cancelling technology will be a win win for everyone.

What Else New Is Coming Out From Nuheara?

Nuheara made a buzz at the CES 2019 conference and many articles came out featuring the Nuheara IQBuds Max.  Discussion around this product seem to indicate this will be a step above IQBuds Boost and be priced slightly higher but they will be sleeker with a smaller earbud and include newer and more advanced technology. They will continue to feature hearing related functions to improve hearing for those who need help and especially can benefit from the advanced noise cancelling capabilities.

IQbuds MAX™ is the most technologically advanced and powerful hearing product that Nuheara has ever created. Building on all the features currently available with IQbuds BOOST™, IQbuds MAX™ has triple the hearing capability (utilising three microphones on each ear), five times the processing power and a world first Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation system, which collectively delivers the most personalised, natural and enhanced sound ever.

IQ Buds Maxx

These are rumoured to be available at the end of 2019.  We hope so as its sure to be an amazing product and even more popular than IQBuds Boost with it’s lower profile smart earbud. Once they are available they will be featured here on Hearable World and we’ll update this blog post with links to purchase them.

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