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Invest in the Best Sleeping Earplugs

Invest in the Best Sleeping Earplugs

Posted by HearableWorld | August 15, 2018 | Electronic Ear Plugs, QuietOn
Sleep Noise and Need for Earplugs

Sleep deprivation is prevalent among Canadians according to Stats Canada’s recent report

Short sleep duration and poor sleep quality are prevalent among Canadian adults. About one-third sleep fewer hours per night than recommended for optimal physical and mental health. This group also experiences poor sleep quality more frequently than do those who sleep the recommended number of hours. Additional research is needed to determine the prevalence of adverse health outcomes among short and poor sleepers.|

Most reported trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep as a general cause of problem with getting a full night’s rest.  A number of noise factors can contribute to poor sleep such as noisy city life, noisy neighbours, proximity to airport or other transport heavy areas, a snoring partner or living in dorm or residential facilities.  This can compound if you work shift work or odd hours that require you to sleep anytime during the daytime.   Many may turn to earplugs as a way to block out the noise only to find them relatively ineffective for all noises or uncomfortable to sleep with.   This is where QuietOn Sleep Active Noise Cancelling earplugs can come to the rescue.  These earplugs are designed to be comfortable during sleep but also highly effective against all noises that may impact you including sirens, airplanes, trains, loud music, heavy traffic and the sounds of a full house or dorm.

Insufficient sleep (short duration and poor quality) is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, injuries, all-cause mortality, depression, irritability, and reduced well-being.

Why risk the health issues and get your best sleep ever with the best in sleep earplugs!  They work by utilizing a microphone to hear the sound around your and then cancel it out through the speakers in the earplug.  It’s effective from the whine of a jet airplane to the deep and loud snoring of your partner in bed, or perhaps even a pet. They last up to 50 hours on a single charge and come with a convenient charging case you can keep bedside.  Never buy another sleep earplug again!


Get Your Best Sleep Today!

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