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Personal audio amplifiers and specifically TV transmitters or TV amplifiers help you to hear better or hear the TV without disturbing others.

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Audeara BT-01 Bluetooth Transceiver

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Listen to your TV/Stereo through your headphones.

A device to transmit Bluetooth signal from an analogue source, such as the headphone jack of your TV.

HearLink TV Transmitter for Assistive Listening from Alango

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HearLink is a Bluetooth® transmitter that connects to the analog sound output found on most standard television sets and other audio devices. It sends the audio signal directly to the paired BeHear NOW headset.

IQbuds Boost by Nuheara – Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

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IQbuds BOOST are built with all the same great features as our award-winning IQbuds, with the addition of  Ear ID™.  Ear ID is a self-fit system with a clinically validated audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates the IQbuds to give you a better hearing experience.

Self Fit
Auto Configure


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P200 Personal TV Listening Device by Vitasound

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VitaSound TV is the TV Hearing Helper. Enjoy watching favorite shows in full digital-stereo sound without having to crank up the volume. This Personal TV Audio Enhancer comes with high-end earbuds (included), and can be personalized by using other colors, brands and styles of wired earbuds and headphones – compatible with Bose®, BeatsTM by Dr. DreTM, Apple®, Atrio® and other popular brands. Includes award winning VitaSound NC Hearing Technology.


P300 All-In-One Personal Audio Enhancer & TV Listening Device by Vitasound

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The VitaSound All-In-One is the ultimate Hearing Helper. This multi-mode Personal Audio Enhancer is powered by patented NC AudioTM technology and provides full digital-stereo sound in all 4 modes: Watch (TV), TALK (face-to-face), Listen (cell phone), Relax (tinnitus).


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