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QuietOn and How it Helps Those With Sound Hypersensitivity

QuietOn and How it Helps Those With Sound Hypersensitivity

Posted by HearableWorld | May 17, 2018 | Electronic Ear Plugs, QuietOn

Hyperacusis which is also known as a hypersensitivity to sound, is an intolerance to every day environmental sounds. They can cause actual physical pain, discomfort, headaches, difficulty concentrating or sleeping.  It overwhelms them and disrupts everyday life.  High frequency sounds can be particularly troublesome.

For those suffering from Hyperacusis there are only a few options to help them cope, either buying expensive hearing aids or treatment that includes ‘pink noise’ and help retrain the brain.  But now those suffering from sound hypersensitivity have started to discover QuietOn’s noise cancelling ear plugs that use leading technology to cancel out the sounds that can be the cause of their problems.  At the same time, it still allows them the ability to participate in conversations.  This means they can be worn while out, at work or at home and the background noise that is normally disruptive and exhausting is filtered out.

This is achieved by QuietOn’s Active Noise Cancelling technology where unwanted sound is reduced by adding another sound specifically made to cancel it out. Active noise cancelling uses a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound

It works in a wide range of frequencies that can quiet the noise of a jet engine when traveling to simple background noise at a restaurant.

Sufferers of Hyperacusis have found that by using QuietOn’s ear plugs daily in their lives has helped to block out the sounds and frequencies that are problematic and many examples can be found on social media and featured in QuietOn’s blog with stories and testimonials on how much better their lives are now.

If you suffer from a hypersensitivity to noise why not try a pair of QuietOn’s ear plugs and how it can change your life.

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