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QuietOn Sleep Has Finally Arrived For Sale in Canada

QuietOn Sleep Has Finally Arrived For Sale in Canada

Posted by HearableWorld | January 23, 2020 | Electronic Ear Plugs, News, QuietOn


The long wait is over.  Since QuietOn announced the plan for a revolutionary sleeping earplug in March of 2018 anticipation has been high for their launch.  The product was supposed to have launched  at a few different periods through the nearly 2 year wait. It was put on hold while they redeisgned different elements of the earplug after live testing. Once the design was finalized, product started and everyone around the world went on waiting lists to receive their much anticipated stock.

QuietOn made a buzz in the tech commuity when they announced a sleep version of their popular electronic active noise cancelling earplugs.  They were billed as the “Marriage Savers”.  Unlike conventional foam and silicon earplugs they block out all noise, including snoring and environtmental noise to allow a restorative night’s sleep.  Part of the hold up was to redesign the on/off button on the sound which quickly allows you to restore sound when needed whether to hear a conversation, check on children during the night etc.

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The secret to what should be an amazing product is their active noise cancelling technology which uses a mic to hear the noise around you and then a speaker to cancel out that noise to your ear.  Its the same technology from their revolutionary QuietOn ANC earplugs that have been loved by travellers, city dewellers, commuters and industrial / manufacturing workers for their ability to block out noise for focus and hearing protection needs.  Therefore it’s more than just a snoring blocker QuietOn Sleep are also perfect for:

  • Those who travel regularly, especially by plane
  • Those who live in noisy cities or by airports
  • Those with noisy neighbours or noisier buildings
  • Those who work shift work and sleep during the daytime
  • Those that need to sleep between work shifts at work

Trying to sleep in any of these scenarios can easily disrupt your sleep, which affects your overall health in addition to the causing tiredness the next day.  It also saves your ears for those that try to sleep with headphones blaring music  or use noise masking headphones that simply try to block or distract you from the noise.  These will leave your ears hurting and waking with a headache after blaring sound into your ears all night.  They may also not be designed with side sleepers in mind and cause ear pain which still causes you to wake during your sleep.

The advantages of QuietOn Sleep will easily make them a popular item easily sold out globally!

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