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The Best Earplugs for Construction

The Best Earplugs for Construction

Posted by HearableWorld | August 15, 2018 | Electronic Ear Plugs, QuietOn

Construction sites, depending on the site can be very noisy.  According to the Laborer’ Health and Safety Fund of North America; “As a general rule, workers should be using earplugs whenever they are exposed to noise levels of 85 dB (A) or when they have to shout in order to communicate.” Which, from their chart below, pretty much applies to most equipment or construction sites.

Construction Noise Chart


Construction Earplugs and Earmuffs

Typically, workers are given foam earplugs or large over the ear muffs as noise protection but both of these solutions are have some serious negatives.

Foam earplugs don’t block all the noise and some damaging noise levels can still get through including the constant humming or high pitched machinery sounds can come through. To communicate with co-workers ear protection has to be removed or they need to shout, increasing noise exposure.  Ear Muffs can weigh heavy on the head and neck causing tension and strain but also require removal to participate in conversations and thereby exposing workers to loud noise levels.

The Best Solution to Construction Earplugs

The best construction earplugs and ear protection is QuietOn’s electronic ear plugs that use active noise cancelling technology to cancel out the noise from equipment while amazingly allowing human voice to still be heard.  This provides complete protection against harmful levels of noise while working and while holding conversations or alerting each other to events overhead or nearby. It’s extremely effective against the low dB of

They charge overnight and a single charge can last up to 50 hours.


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