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What Are Customizable Headphones?

What Are Customizable Headphones?

Posted by HearableWorld | January 11, 2019 | Headphones
Customizable Headphones

The term “Customizable Headphones” is getting used in the electronic market place but it’s actually not what you think it means!  Most would think it means that perhaps you can customize the sounds settings like the old equalizer settings on walkmans all those years ago, or if you are born after the 80’s that perhaps an app is available to customize sound settings like a sound bar (theatre, sports, news etc).  It is a little bit … but it’s actually so much more! 

What You Customize on Customizable Headphones!

This is where the cool stuff comes in.  When you buy customizable headphones or headsets, you will have access to an app that will run a hearing assessment, which is pretty much a scaled down hearing test.  This hearing assessment then determines which frequencies you have difficulty hearing and amplifies them according to your specific needs.  Be Hear Now by Alango offers one fixed test with their headset and Audeara offers smaller to larger tests depending on how detailed you wish the test to be.

Once completed the apps will indicate your hearing loss and what frequencies are a problem for you.  It then adjusts the sound output of the headset or headphones and the first time you hear music through them you will stand amazed at the difference.  The video of Audeara showing people hearing music for the first time through their headphones is the exact same reaction employees here at Hearable World had when testing them!

They also typically have some advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancelling, built in microphones for phone calls and Be Hear Now can also work while having conversations. This is typically why they are priced in the same or more as high-end headphones and usually range from $300 to $600 price range.  They are a quality headphone or headset but also come backed by some amazing technology that changes the way you listen to music or even TV with the additional TV transmitter that might be available.

IQBuds Boost and BeHear Now can also be worn during conversations and amplify speech working as a precursor to a hearing aid.  Both include noise cancelling features to help hear better in loud or crowded environments such as restaurants, workplaces and large areas with lots of background noise that might make hearing challenging for anyone, especially those with a bit of a hearing loss.

Who Should Use Customizable Headphones?

The simple answer would be to say everyone could benefit from these headphones, only because they rival the top of the line headphones, headsets and earbuds that are on the market today, but the people who would benefit from them most are people with any level of hearing loss.  Because of the hearing test and customization of the sound frequencies they benefit the most from this type of listening device.  But everyone can enjoy the high-quality sound, great noise cancellation, amazing product quality of something like Audeara, BeHear and more.

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