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What is Different About Nuheara IQBuds Over Other Bluetooth Earbuds?

What is Different About Nuheara IQBuds Over Other Bluetooth Earbuds?

Posted by HearableWorld | May 23, 2018 | Intelligent Earbuds, NuHeara

With the large selection of Bluetooth headphones and ear buds on the market, it’s hard to know the difference between them all.  From Beats to Bose to Apple Airpods what do you choose? While all let you listen to music or talk on the phone they aren’t ‘Smart’ like IQBuds, as they all miss the boat on one core function, to help you hear the world around you.

Imagine being in a busy and loud restaurant, bar or event and the ability to hear and engage in a conversation. Or out for a jog while listening to music and hearing the traffic around you so you are spatially aware.  Plus, you get this without giving up amazing sound quality for music, crystal clear phone conversations and one touch engagement with apps like Siri.

Amazing App To Control Your Earbuds

In addition to all this Nuheara also provides a great app for your smartphone that allows you to further control and adjust your IQBuds to your liking.  You can adjust the music setting, so you can hear the world around you for safety or elevate speech in that crowded restaurant. And to change the settings you don’t need to get out your phone you can simply tap the IQBuds and the settings will adjust.


I’m sure the concern now is that if it can do all this, how long do the batteries last?  They provide 4 hours of Bluetooth music streaming or 8 hours of noise cancelling in a single charge, but when the battery needs charging the charging case can power them up 3 more times before the whole unit needs to be charge.  And it can charge those ear buds in about an hour while on the go or 2 hours when the case and the earbuds charge while plugged in.

Not Just a Great Ear Bud

The untapped market that is finding an appeal in this product are those with some level of hearing loss but don’t want to consider or haven’t considered hearing aids.  Nuheara’s IQBuds can help enhance conversations or diminish background noises that made hearing difficult. This has had a mass appeal to those in their 30’s and 40’s suffering from some level of hearing loss.

We just don’t understand how other ear buds could possibly compare!


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