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Who Is Alango & the BeHear Brand?

Who Is Alango & the BeHear Brand?

Posted by HearableWorld | February 20, 2019 | Headphones, Intelligent Earbuds

You may have never heard of Alango and wonder who they are, what you don’t know is you have likely been using their products for years in your car!  They are behind the complex software and hardware that power your voice command system, enable the white noise and noise cancelation and improve the sound quality in your car.

Now they have come to the hearable stage with the most feature-rich headphones / earbuds on the market yet!


What can Alango’s BeHear headphones do?

Test Your Hearing

Once you connect the BeHear Now headphones to the smartphone app the first thing it will do is initiate a 6 step hearing assessment to test your hearing.  It doesn’t take long to do but it will impact the use of your headset in many different areas.

It will adjust the headset to your specific needs and boost the frequencies you may have difficulty hearing.  This applies to not just listening to music but phone calls, watching TV and even basic conversations all which you can do with your Alango BeHear Now headset.

Improve Conversations

BeHear Now can do this in a few different ways:

  1. Enhance the audio of your conversation so you can hear better with 4 different microphones and a pile of advanced software.
  2. Tailor the sound based on your hearing test.
  3. Block out background noise with Noise Cancelling technology (the same technology that’s been in your car for years).

EasyListen – Speech Latency

A feature solely available with the BeHear Now headset is their advanced technology that allows for speech latency.  What is that you ask?  The ability to slow down speech.  The possibilities are endless including difficulty with fast talkers, the ability to process what’s being said better and if you are speaking and listening to a foreign language, just to name a few.

Blended Worlds

Using their signature ListenThrough technology the headphones allow you to listen to music but need to listen for the phone or perhaps traffic as you walk around downtown?  BeHear Now allows you to blend audio modes so you can stay situationally aware of your surroundings or hear what is important.

All Day Strength

Most headsets and earbuds have a maximum of lasting 4-5 hours, whereas, BeHear Now is designed to last you all day from the extended battery life, The lightweight design sits on your neck and never weighs you down. Earpieces can we changed for different sizes materials to ensure the inner ear fit is best for your ears and the design ensures steady fit to hold it in place.

If you are in the market for new headphones and need a little help hearing in certain situations or just want a quality headset for phone calls and music you can’t go wrong with Alango’s BeHear Now!  You can also add on the TV transmitter works specifically with low latency (fancy terminology for tv speed of sound) and can stream directly to your BeHear Now Headset which also allows for you to listen to tv without disturbing those around you who may not want to hear it.  It also allows you to listen to the TV without the interference of background or other ambient noise in the room.

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